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General Programme Instructions

The General Programme Instructions are the rules guiding the overall administration and operation of the International EPD® System in accordance with ISO 14025. The current version is 3.01. Version 2.x is valid during a transition period if a valid PCR is based on version 2.x.

New VERSION (4.0)

Version 4.0 is currently being developed, and the open consultaton has been initiated 2020-12-14. Please find the latest draft and instruction on how to comment here

Current version (3.0)


Download the General Programme Instructions (v3.01):

Translated versions:

The English version takes precedence in case of any discrepancies.


Your use of this material is subject to the General Terms of Use. If you do not accept EPD International AB:s the General Terms of Use, you are not authorized to exploit this work in any manner.

Version 3.0 was published 2017-12-11. It has been implemented on the website and in the PCR Basic Modules. It will now be integrated step by step into the PCR library.

The GPI refereces a list of characterisation factors for the default impact categories available on the website. They can be found here.

Older version valid during a transition period (2.x)


Download the General Programme Instructions (v2.5):


A transition period to version 3.0 will be applied to allow a smooth transition to the new rules:

  • The publication of the new version of the GPI does not affect the validity of already-published EPDs, which will remain published with the same validity date as before. Surveillance of EPDs during their validity is based on the same version of the PCR and GPI that was used for the verification of the current valid EPD.
  • If a valid PCR based on version 3.x of the GPI does not exist, EPDs may be published and updated based on valid PCRs that are based on version 2.x of the GPI during the transition period.
  • Version 3.0 of the GPI will be implemented step-by-step into existing PCRs when they are due for update, or during their validity.
  • PCRs that are currently under development should be aligned with the new programme instructions. Exceptions are allowed for cases where the development is already far progressed. The Secretariat and Technical Committee are currently updating the PCR Basic Modules to act as a template for new and updated PCRs.

The transition period will last for at least 18 months, and the end of the transition period will be announced six months before it ends.

Work has also started to update the website, templates, etc., which will be introduced gradually.

Older versions

Information about older versions of the General Programme Instructions is available via the Secretariat upon request.