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Organisation of the International EPD® System


The International EPD® System is open for any stakeholder to read EPDs, participate in PCR development, and be part of the future development of the programme. Its organisational structure includes several parties, in which tasks and responsibilities may be divided into four main processes.

EPD International AB, a limited company registered in Sweden, is the programme operator and has the overall responsibility for the administration and operation of the International EPD® System. EPD International is a subsidiary to IVL Swedish Environmental Resarch Institute: an independent, non-profit research institute, owned by a foundation jointly established by the Swedish Government and Swedish industry. As a limited company, EPD International AB has a board of directors. Further information is published in the annual reports of IVL.

The programme operator has a number of mandatory obligations according to ISO 14025. These duties are mainly divided between the Secretariat, the Technical Committee (TC), and the International Advisory Board (IAB).